Westgate Alternative
Elementary School
Westgate Alternative Elementary School
3080 Wicklow Rd
Columbus, OH 43204
Phone: (614) 365-5971
Fax: (614) 365-5149
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Hours of Operation:
9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Angela Sweeney

West 'Gator'

School Colors:

School Motto:
Physical and Academic Excellence
Westgate Schedule
8:15     Teachers Arrive
8:30      Breakfast Begins
9:00      Students enter the building (Bell)
9:05      School Begins (Bell)
12:00-12:30     Intermediate Recess/Primary Lunch
12:30- 1:00      Primary Recess/Intermediate Lunch
2:45-3:00        Second Recess K/1/2
3:00-3:15         Second Recess 3/4/5
3:25        Buses are called
3:30        Dismissal
3:45        Teachers' Day Ends 
Mission Statement:
"Each student is highly educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community."
Academic Brief
Westgate is an alternative school with a focus in academic excellence and physical fitness. We believe in educating the total child. Westgate has a reputation of high academic achievement and strong parental support. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that each child is successful and has a wonderful school experience.
Academic Support
Westgate Elementary implements a Balanced Literacy framework for reading instruction.  Balanced Literacy encourages a balance of oral language, reading, and writing while focusing on explicit and direct instruction in letters and words and how they work.  Children are given high teacher support for reading and writing when they need it and a gradual release of support to promote independence when they are ready. 
Site Based Council
The 2016-2017 Westgate Elementary Site Based Council organized
parent volunteers to read with stuldents in each classroom.  
Westgate has many opportunities for student involvement. We have a chess club,  and many physical education clubs (juggling, rugby, and speed stacks to name a few). Westgate 's vocal music  has a choir, and bell choir. The instrumental music department has a string orchestra, and a brass, woodwind, and percussion band. 
Vision Statement
We believe children are active learners who continue learning throughout their lives. We believe their environment, which affects their physical, emotional and intellectual growth influences this learning. We believe children need and want to be successful, accepted, respected, and they need and want a feeling of fairness, safety, love and trust. We believe children need to learn the importance of healthful living as it relates to their lives. We believe that learning should take place in a caring environment that fosters an atmosphere of positive self-esteem, which motivates students to reach their maximum potential as lifelong learners. We will provide various teaching strategies and educational opportunities to enable each child to reach his/her optimal growth. We will promote critical thinking skills to enable students to make responsible life choices. We will integrate physical development and fitness into the curriculum to enhance academics. We will encourage an atmosphere of openness among students, staff and parents to nurture positive self-esteem, physical development and academics in every child. We believe that parents and staff at Westgate Alternative School will work together to promote lifetime learning through physical fitness and academic activities. We believe parents are the primary teachers and role models. We, the staff, reinforce and support the continued growth of each child. A partnership such as this is only complete with open communication and a positive attitude. We encourage parental involvement through the contribution of time, talents and interest. The outcome of this atmosphere will be a more confident and well rounded, physically and academically fit lifelong learner.
Opening of Schools Flyer
 Look for your Welcome Home back-to-school flyer in the mail soon, or click HERE to download a copy now.

Dress Code:
We follow the Superintendent’s Dress Code Policy with clothing that does not detract from the educational atmosphere. For more information,
Fun Activities:
Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including juggling club, many PTA and Saturday activities, jogging and the Walkathon, annual fall carnival and family fun fitness night, school-wide assemblies, and Super Kids. Other activities include participation in extra physical education classes, art activities, safety patrol, instrumental music, vocal choir, and handbell choir.
Community Partnerships
Westgate Recreation Center
Parent Involvement
Parent Consultant: Stacy Lee. Parent involvement in your child's education is extremely important. You can become involved in many ways such as; Join PTA, volunteer in your child's classroom, volunteer for the school, become a room parent, become a room parent helper, attend Parent/Teacher conferences, check your child's backpack every night. Attend Open houses, room parties, Book fairs, and other school events. If you want more information please contact us at 365-5971.
PTA/PTO Contact Information
PTA/PTO Leader
Sarah Green - PTA President
Sarah Powers - PTA Vice President
Teisha Caldwell- PTA Secretary
Teresa Cruikshank - PTA Treasurer
PTA/PTO Website
Lunch Menu:
Principal - Angela Sweeney
(614) 365-5971  |   3080 Wicklow Rd. Columbus, OH 43204
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